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Master of Fine Arts Thesis Collection

Eva: (Beauty Series). Butterfly wings, silver, mixed media. 2009.

Beauty Bottled: (Beauty Series). Antique glass, pewter, and silver. 2010.

Untitled Ring: (Beauty Series). Silver, pearl, and diamonds. 2011.

Chou: (Girlish Series). Butterfly wings, silver, enamel copper and mixed media . 2010.

Boba Hairsticks: (Girlish series). Enamel, copper, auto paint. 2010.

Modular Fade: (Girlish Series). Soda cans, resin, silver. 2008.

Itzpapalotl: (Amazon Series) Butterfly wings, silver, porcupine quills. 2010.

Untitled Dagger: (Amazon Series). Maple, damascus, steel, and garnet. 2010.

Theodora: (Seductress Series). Bronze, butterfly wings, and mixed media. 2011.

citrine ring (decadence 3)2

Decadence: (Seductress Series). Golden citrine and silver. 2009.

Misfires: (Seductress Series) Brass and plastic. 2011.

Francis's Locket: (Wife Series). Pearls, silver, butterfly wings, photo, LED, mixed media. 2011.

New Promises, Old Ideals: (Wife Series). Costume ring and Nickel. 2011.

Til' Death (Wife series). Pewter and rubber cork. 2011

Mary: (Motherhood Series). Copper, bronze, turkey egg, silver, butterfly wing, and resin. 2011.

Sacred Vessel: (Motherhood Series). Walnut and copper. 2010.

Feeders: (Motherhood Series). Bass wood and walnut. 2010.

Morrigane: (Witch Series). Feathers, copper, silver, snake bones, butterfly wings, leather, and various gems. 2011.


Blood Bottle: (Witch Series). Antique glass, silver, and garnet. 2010.

Untitled Ring: (Witch Series). Garnet and silver. 2010.


Maya: (Shaman Series) Olive wood, bottle tree seed pods, bronze, and copper. 2011.


New Beginnings: (Shaman Series). Mokume, copper, and bronze. 2011.

new beginnings 2

Leopard Moth (Shaman Series). Silver, garnet, mokume and mixed media. 2009.

Mokume Bangle (Shaman Series).Silver and mokume. 2009.

In Her Image is an art jewelry series created for my Master of Fine Arts thesis. This collection explores some of the various, timeless female archetypes found across a variety of cultures. Over and over again these personas are used in myth, religion, story, art, etc. to perpetuate and convey the expected patterns of female behavior and classification.  Coupled with their persistent presence, their relatable qualities create a desire to emulate their image. Whether this desire stems from a want to be seen as greater than the self, or a need to outwardly express an aspect of the inner self, everyone has at one point or another adorned themselves with these very recognizable characteristics. In Her Image is a display of these archetypal adornments through neck pieces and accompanying accessories.  

Collection currently available for purchase and exhibition requests. Please contact via email:


Photography: Tiffiney Yazzie and Amanda Frazier. 
Models: Sara King, Jacque Donaldson, Michelle Meyer, Amanda Frazier, Andrea Ashkie and B. Spiderman. 


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