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Custom Wedding Rings

Rose gold, gold mokume and black diamond. 2017. Sold.

Platinum and diamond wedding set. 2017. Sold.

Gold mokume wedding bands. Diamond and 14K white gold engagement ring. 2016. Sold.

website 3

18K gold, sapphire and diamond wedding set. 2016. Sold.

Damascus steel rings with palladium liner. 2014. Sold.


Platinum and diamond engagement wedding set. 2014. Sold.

Men's wedding band made with NASA coin containing metal from space shuttle missions. 2014. Sold.

DSC_0777 2

14K white gold wedding band with diamonds, made to fit with engagement ring. 2011. Sold.

Damascus Rings with silver liner (steel patterned by Erik Bogner) 2011. Sold.

Damascus Rings with silver liner (steel patterned by Erik Bogner) 2011. Sold.

leftover ring

Damascus wedding set lined in sterling silver (steel patterned by Erik Bogner). 2011. Sold.

Wedding bands and engagement rings are such intensely personal items, that I really encourage custom made for every couple. This way your rings can best represent your unique, loving relationship and lifestyle. 

The Process

The creative process begins with consultations about your style preferences, budget, and what type of ring will best suit your lifestyle. Consultations can be conducted entirely through email, video conferencing, or in person for those in the Houston area. Based on the information gathered from our consultations, I will create you a series of concept drawings to help refine the design into the perfect ring for you. Once you approve the final design, I will then hand make a top quality, beautiful, personalized ring for you and your happily ever after. 


What your rings are made from is an important factor to consider not only for style and sentimental reasons, but also for knowing what to expect from your ring years down the line. As we go through our consultations we will discuss your material options and I will offer any guidance you may need on making the best selection. So don't be shy with your questions, I am happy to assist!


I work in the following metals: Platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, damascus steel and an assortment of mokume types.


Gemstones can be anything you would like, but the harder gemstones such as diamond, ruby, and sapphire are best suited for the everyday wear and tear of wedding and engagement rings. (Not to mention, these stones come in just about any color you could want!) Softer gemstones like pearls, natural opal, moonstone, and emeralds are not recommended for everyday wear. 


Environmentally Responsible

Just about everything jewelry is made from comes from a mine. To lessen the impact of precious material consumption, I use top quality reclaimed precious metals and responsibly sourced gemstones. If  the client is interested,  we can also discuss the possibilities of re-purposing family heirloom jewelry and gemstones to create your new rings. 


Please contact me at to inquire about creating your special rings!

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